Electrical Systems Diagnostics and Repair

$109 an hour with a special price of $159 for the first two hours

  • Many electrical problems (battery not staying charged, fuses blowing, lights not working, etc.) are improperly diagnosed or repaired.

  • When the vehicle owner has background information on the history of the vehicle or when the issue(s) began, most problems can be identified and repaired within 2 to 3 hours.

  • Dealers often require the costly replacement of wire harnesses and components. This can lead to vehicles not being repaired, owners being without the use of their vehicle, or vehicles being sold well below their value.

  • Unrepaired electrical issues can be very serious. They can lead to abandoned motorists, traffic jams, vehicle tow/recovery bills, and potentially vehicle fires.

** All customers need to understand that additional diagnostics may be required **

** If an issue can’t be identified/repaired within the agreed-upon time, the customer is free to end the repair with an itemized list of what was checked**