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Why Invest in Windshield Coating Services?

So you have finally done it — you just got yourself a brand new car! You will look after your car like a baby, because who wouldn’t? But soon you will realize that no matter how careful you are with your car, it will not stay in its showroom condition forever. A small rock that came out of nowhere can chip your paint or your windshield instantly. This is where ceramic coating comes in.


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Safer Driving in the Rain

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a windshield coating is experienced during bad weather conditions. To understand why this is the case, we must first understand what our coating does. Our proprietary coating, called Glass Protection, provides a smooth, protective, and hydrophobic layer on top of the glass that achieves many things at once. Most importantly, Glass Protection comes with a state-of-the-art water repellent formula that makes water and ice incredibly easy to keep off your windshield. Not only will this help water, dirt, and debris to roll off the glass without sticking or leaving a residue, it will also increase your visibility during a downpour or a snowstorm as water won’t stay on your windshield for so long!

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Protect Your Windshield Against Rock Chips

Apart from Glass Protection’s hydrophobic qualities which make adverse weather driving a lot safer, it also helps strengthen any glass and make it easier to maintain. Why does stronger glass matter? Well, stronger glass means less road damage over time from rocks and other debris. Instead of a costly windshield repair or replacement down the road, having your windshield coated solves the problem by avoiding it in the first place. And that’s not all! Our Glass Protection coating offers warrantied protection which covers rock chips, cracks, replacements, and calibrations for only $399 — that’s $200 less than most deductibles!


Windshield coating is an exceptional investment, not only for preserving the beauty of your car but also for making it easier to maintain while preventing costly repairs or replacements in the future. However, an incorrect application of windshield coating can actually cause more trouble than its worth. That’s why it is vital to have your windshield coated by experts such as our team at Show Room Ceramic Coating. Visit us in Lakewood today for one-of-a-kind windshield coating services. With over 32 years of experience, we guarantee the level of care your car deserves!

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