Ceramic Coating vs. Wax

Ceramic Coating vs. Wax

Care for your car and leave it looking like it just left the factory. With over 32 years of experience, Show Room Ceramic Coating will ensure your car leaves with protection and reflection. Providing you with highly detailed care, we are one of the only ceramic coating companies that are backed by a third-party insurance company. Giving you products that add value to your vehicle, you can learn the comparison of ceramic coating vs wax. Keep reading for more!

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Higher Durability

Although wax coatings can give you temporary protection, using ceramic coatings, you get much higher durability. Using ceramic coatings (or protectants) will make cleaning and maintaining your car much less tedious. Don’t keep your car in the garage or undriven, out of fear of protection. As a newer alternative to traditional waxing, our ceramic coating at Show Room Ceramic Coatings brings you a higher level of paint protection. Avoid dull and chalky surfaces by using the high durability of ceramic coating.

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Environmentally Resistant

Your car endures several environmental changes a year, along with providing you utility for many jobs. Dealing with UV rays, environmental contaminants, and harsh detergents, will wear and tear on your vehicle. However, using the superior option of ceramic coating, you can give your car resistant protection. At Show Room Ceramic Coating, we make washing your car a cinch, leaving your vehicle with a continuously resistant shine.

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Chemical Bonds

Creating a chemical bond using ceramic coatings can bring longevity to your car's protection. As wax simply sits on top of the painted surface, ceramic coatings penetrate deep, forming the chemical bond. At Show Room Ceramic Coatings, we professionally apply your coating so your vehicle can withstand years of heavy use. Ideal for daily drivers or vehicles that are regularly exposed to weather, you can find the right ceramic coating package for you.

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Factory Fresh Shine

Find a fresh-off-the-lot look, with ceramic coating. Wax will give you a semi-shine that is easily dulled, scuffed, or stained. Using a ceramic coating from ShowRoom Ceramic Coatings, you get a deep glossy look that brings out the best of your paintwork. Enjoy a mirror-like reflection installed by our certified technicians. Bringing you a resistant sheen that requires no polishing.

Whether you’re looking for a classic new-car shine or resistant protection, Show Room Ceramic Coatings brings you a durable sheen. Contact us today to get a quote for your ceramic coating!

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